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  • HK$ 1377.70 HK$2504.70
    TA762G【Kitee Chair】dining chair/restaurant chair/餐椅
  • HK$ 953.35 HK$1733.05
    TA762B【Kitee Chair】dining chair/restaurant chair/餐椅
  • HK$ 1067.20 HK$1940.05
    TA4009【Sola chair】Sola chair / dining chair / walnut chair / oak chair / solid wood chair / Nordic chair / Japanese furniture
  • HK$ 1811.25 HK$3292.45
    TB4010【Dale Bench】Dale bench / walnut bench / bench
  • HK$ 673.90 HK$1224.75
    TA671M-vintage【Aice leather chair metal 】dining room chair/restaurant chair/餐椅
  • HK$ 708.40 HK$1288.00
    TA671W-vintage【Aice leather chair wood】dining chair/restaurant chair/餐椅
  • HK$ 1530.65 HK$2783.00
    TA465G【Beetle Chair】stylish chair/furniture chairs/椅子
  • HK$ 1022.35 HK$1858.40
    TA465B【Beetle Chair black】dining furniture/chair/dining chairs/北欧餐椅
  • HK$ 1085.60 HK$1973.40
    TA98W-FG-WNT【DSW Chair fiberglass】Eames chair/DSW chairs/replica/伊姆斯餐椅
  • HK$ 1199.45 HK$2180.40
    TA106W-FG-WNT【DAW Chair fiberglass】Eames DAW Chair/designer chair/傢俱椅子/餐椅香港
  • HK$ 289.80 HK$526.70
    TA98W【DSW chair Plastic 】DSW/eames chair/replica chair/平價餐椅
  • HK$ 341.55 HK$621.00
    TA106W【DAW Chair Plastic】DAW chair/plastic chair/cheap chair/餐椅
  • HK$ 1066.05 HK$1937.75
    TA760S-G【Davis chair】brass dining chair/furniture dining room/桌椅
  • HK$ 994.75 HK$1807.80
    TA760S-B【Davis chair】 Dining chair/kitchen dinette sets/座椅
  • HK$ 936.10 HK$1700.85
    TA760M-B【Davis chair Eiffle leg black】Dining chairs/furniture hk/家俱/椅
  • HK$ 1132.75 HK$2058.50
    TA759S-G【Davis armchair】armchair/kitchen furniture/實惠餐椅
  • HK$ 1071.80 HK$1948.10
    TA759S-B【Davis armchair black】furniture chairs/designer chair/坐椅/桌椅
  • HK$ 1012.00 HK$1838.85
    TA759M-B【Davis armchair eiffle black】Dining furniture sale/平價餐椅/餐椅香港
  • HK$ 340.40 HK$618.70
    TA4004【Odense Chair】furniture hk/cheap chair/特價餐椅
  • HK$ 388.70 HK$554.30
    TA4005【Odense Armchair】2019 new design dining chair, light and easy to use
  • HK$ 1118.95 HK$2034.35
    TA653F【Bacon Chair 】high back chair/dining furniture/傢俱/椅子香港
  • HK$ 1121.25 HK$2037.80
    TA654F【Bacon Armchair 】Dining room sets/chairs/餐桌餐椅/家具餐椅
  • HK$ 1414.50 HK$2571.40
    TA653L【Bacon Chair Leather】dining furniture/dining chair/餐臺椅/桌椅
  • HK$ 1461.65 HK$2656.50
    TA654L【Bacon Armchair 】designer chair/dining chair hong kong/傢俱/椅
  • HK$ 3901.95 HK$7094.35
    TA57-WNT【Kennedy Chair (Walnut)】Kennedy Chair
  • HK$ 2180.40 HK$3964.05
    LUX906【Y Chair (luxury)】mid-century chair, wishbone chair, Y Chair, walnut wishbone chair, inspired by hans wegner
  • HK$ 2538.05 HK$4613.80
    TA658【Roland Chair 】Simple design chair, black walnut chair, Roland Chair, wooden dining chair for home and restaurant
  • HK$ 3372.95 HK$6131.80
    TA659【Hiroshima Chair 】Modern style chair, dining chair with arm, designer armchair, walnut armchair, Hiroshima Chair
  • HK$ 1529.50 HK$2780.70
    TA611【Smith Chair 】Walnut windsor chair, mid-century chair, dining room furnitrue, Smith Chair
  • HK$ 632.50 HK$1148.85
    TA461【Dining Chair】Dining Chair
  • HK$ 492.20 HK$894.70
    TA243【Elbow chair】Elbow chair
  • HK$ 1735.35 HK$3154.45
    TB457【Inari Bench】Inari Bench
  • HK$ 905.05 HK$1644.50
    TA629【Oslo chair】Oslo Dining chair / solid wood chair
  • HK$ 1309.85 HK$2380.50
    TA857【Orgnic Chair 】mid-century dining chair, designer chair, wood chair, Orgnic Chair
  • HK$ 1086.75 HK$1975.70
    TA652W【Morbier Chair 】Style armchair, dining room chair, tub chair, dining chair with armrest, Morbier Chair
  • HK$ 1008.55 HK$1833.10
    TA651W【Grana Chair 】Design chair, Modern dining leather chair, simple design chair, Grana Chair
  • HK$ 1844.60 HK$3353.40
    TA652M【Morbier Chair (leather)】Modern armchair, design chair with arm, armchair for home and office, Morbier Chair
  • HK$ 602.60 HK$1094.80
    TA671【Weku chair 】Plastic armchair, design chair, designer armchair, white dining chair, Weku chair
  • HK$ 509.45 HK$925.75
    TA583【Dining chair】Plastic dining chair, plastic side chair, office chair, side chair, Modern designer chair.
  • HK$ 416.30 HK$756.70
    TA584【Plastic chair 】Design dining chair for office, cafe, restaurant, plastic chair, design chair,
  • HK$ 661.25 HK$1201.75
    TA390-vintage【Butterfly Chair (upholstery)】Butterfly Dining Chair, seven chair, 7 chair, designer chair, nordic chair, leather 7 chair inspired by arne jacobsen.
  • HK$ 4044.55 HK$7353.10
    TA679【Sago Cycas Chair 】planter chair, designer chair, Mid-century chair, brass dining chair, Sago Cycas Chair
  • HK$ 527.85 HK$959.10
    TA390【Butterfly Chair】Seven Chair, designer chair, mid-century dining chair, 7 chair inspired by Arne Jacobsen
  • HK$ 3268.30 HK$5942.05
    TA619【Sago Cycas Chair 】planter chair, designer armchair, mid-century furniture, steel chair, Sago Cycas Chair
  • HK$ 1077.55 HK$1958.45
    TA639F【Dining chair 】modern design chair, fabric dining chair, design chair, dining room set, Dining chair
  • HK$ 1114.35 HK$2025.15
    TA640F【Robert Chair 】design dining chair with arm, armrest dining chair, elegant dining chair, Dining chair
  • HK$ 1267.30 HK$2303.45
    TA75-FG【Tulip Chair (fiberglass) 】Tulip Chair, designer dining chair, modern dining chair, mid-century dining chair, fiberglass tulip chair.
  • HK$ 1452.45 HK$2640.40
    TA74-FG【Tulip Armchair(fiberglass) 】Designer dining chair, armchair, fiberglass tulip chair, Tulip Armchair(Deluxe) inspired by eero saarinen
  • HK$ 1112.05 HK$2021.70
    TA100【Eiffel Wire Chair 】Eiffel Wire Chair, Eiffel chair, wire chair, eames chair, designer chair inspired by charles & Ray Eames
  • HK$ 807.30 HK$1467.40
    TA656【Tours Dining Chair 】wire chair, brass wire chair, outdoor dining chair, design wire chair, Tours Dining Chair
  • HK$ 2033.20 HK$3696.10
    TA328【Valet chair 】Danish design chair, designer chair, Modern design chair for home, Valet chair
  • HK$ 700.35 HK$1273.05
    TA607【Toledo Stacking Chair 】outdoor chair, design chair for cafe, stylish dining chair, aluminum chair, Toledo Stacking Chair
  • HK$ 906.20 HK$1646.80
    TA97【Bertoia Side Chair 】Dining chair/Metar chair/Classic chair
  • HK$ 1168.40 HK$2124.05
    TA753【Saarinen Chair 】Designer chair, design dining chair, side chair, Mid-century side chair, Saarinen Side Chair
  • HK$ 1207.50 HK$2195.35
    TA754【Saarinen Armchair 】design furniture, living room furniture, designer dining chair, Saarinen Armchair
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