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  • HK$ 411.84 HK$748.80
    LP101【Container lamp】The lamp is shaped like a laboratory container and is usually made of solid wood lamp handle.
  • HK$ 3597.75 HK$6540.30
    LP100【ceiling lamp】ceiling lamp
  • HK$ 262.08 HK$476.19
    LP097【Golden globe lamp】The ball shaped lamp body can be made up of several different balls, large and small.
  • HK$ 333.45 HK$606.06
    LP080C【Beat Light Fat 】Beat Light Fat
  • HK$ 333.45 HK$606.06
    LP080B【Beat Light Wide 】Beat Light Wide
  • HK$ 333.45 HK$606.06
    LP080A【Beat Light Wide 】Beat Light Wide
  • HK$ 308.88 HK$560.43
    LP066【Flower pot Lamp 】Flower pot Lamp
  • HK$ 5070.78 HK$9218.43
    LP004XL【Artichoke Lamp (XL) 】Artichoke Lamp (XL)
  • HK$ 2940.21 HK$5345.73
    LP004L【Artichoke Lamp(L) 】Artichoke Lamp(L)
  • HK$ 2265.12 HK$4117.23
    LP004M【Artichoke Lamp(M) 】Artichoke Lamp(M)
  • HK$ 1981.98 HK$3602.43
    LP004S【Artichoke Lamp(S) 】Artichoke Lamp(S)
  • HK$ 983.97 HK$1788.93
    LP077【Random Light 】Random Light
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